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Ah yoga, even just the sound of the word, yoga, has a calming essence to it.

People are drawn to yoga and its teachings for many different reasons. All the reasons we come up with are beautiful and perfect. Yoga is a practice without judgement or pressure. Yoga accepts each practitioner equally and will give you back what you give to it.

Yoga is not just about flexibility and balance within the body but more importantly the balance and flexibility within the heart, within the soul. It allows you to search and find what it is you need every time you get on the mat. If you allow yourself to be open to it. When you get on the mat for the first time or the thousandth time, your practice will continue to evolve and bring different meanings to your existence, even if only for that hour you take to be present and practice for yourself.

My yoga journey has evolved and changed over the years in many ways. When I first stared practicing, my focus was mostly on improving my fitness and flexibility and far less on the emotional and spiritual benefits the practice could offer. Over the years I began to really understand that yoga is fluid and ever present in my life, no matter where I am or what I am doing. I’ve had the pleasure of learning and practicing many different types of yoga and meditation throughout my years. Each one has made me more aware of my own existence and allowed me to find pleasure in my everyday life.

Over the course of my yoga teacher training and subsequent workshops and classes I have begun to feel and recognize my breath during my practice in a whole new way. My breathing during my practice has become deeper and more controlled. This recognition has allowed me to slow down within my flow and be more aware of my body through each asana. I have begun to identify with my breath and have focused it and incorporated it off the mat and into my daily life.

Each time I am blessed to realize a new facet to my practice it brings me excitement and motivation. The beauty of practicing yoga is that it is forever, you will never know everything let alone be perfect in everything, and really you shouldn’t be. Having patience throughout your daily practice and in your quest to learn more and become better is key to achieving your goals.

I hope you find joy and kindness within your practice in whatever way is best suited to you.