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I am a yogini. I have been for many years.

Throughout my years practicing my favorite asanas are always changing for different reasons. I love that about yoga. It is always changing within my practice. That change is something I look forward to every time I step on my mat.

There are two things that never change though, bringing the palms together and then bringing the hands to the heart center. Every single time I follow that flow, in any posture, it brings me joy. I am reminded to be mindful of each, singular part of my body and be aware of what each part is doing and feeling in that moment. Bringing the palms together is such a powerful mudra. It fills me with strength and feels very organic for me; as if the hands are magnets excited to reunite. The hands are such a vital part of our existence and something we should always show gratitude for. If you stop and think for a moment about every little thing you do with your hands you may find yourself amazed. I know I do.

The act of bringing the hands to heart is such a great way to tap into your heart energy. This literally allows you to physically feel your heartbeat syncing with the pulse in your wrists. It’s a gift to be alive and healthy and each time I bring my hands to the heart center I smile in this knowledge.

I encourage you to try this for yourself. The next time you are in a yoga class, sitting in meditation or even sitting at your desk in need of an energy boost, place your palms together and bring them to the heart. Feel the incredible life inside you, take pleasure in the moment. Smile. Recognize the power within you and carry it with you throughout the rest of your day.