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A Hydrated Body Is A Sexy Body


It’s one of my favorite things, hands down.  Oceans, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, rain, baths, I love it all. With this profound and possibly a little ridiculous, passion I have for it I sometimes forget that other people don’t really think about water that much. Gasp. So, this is my friendly/pushy way to remind you that water is vital to your life. Literally, you cannot live without it. So drink more of it.

It sounds simple but from my experience with non-water lovers, it’s easily forgotten. Go, right now and buy yourself a water bottle that you like (preferably one that is eco-friendly) and that can easily be transported with you. Fill it up and take that sucker everywhere you go. The more you see it, the more you’ll be reminded to drink water. Hopefully then it will become one of the best habits you’ll ever create.

Another tip, every morning, as soon as you wake up, drink at least three glasses of water. This simple act rejuvenates your body and activates your organs, getting you ready from the inside out for your upcoming busy day. This will rehydrate you, your skin, hair, eyes, all of it. Water. It’s important. DRINK IT

Public service announcement over.