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“I Haven’t Been Everywhere, But It’s On My List”

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Hi I’m Laura ( L )… an actress, travel and food blogger, yoga instructor, adventurer and lover of life. I invite you to join me in my endless quest for living better, longer and with more joy. Life is a journey, as they say, so let’s get after it together.

Latest in LIFE

Cliff Jumping for Joy

What activities do you do that truly bring you joy? That kind of fun loving, childlike joy you used to feel all the time as a kid?

Latest in Namaste

My Life on the Road

Destination Adventure: Into the Himalayas in Nepal

In today's dispatch, L heads to Nepal to hike on the Annapurna Circuit.
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Destination Adventure: The Amazing Kingdom of Swaziland

A Visit to the Kingdom of Swaziland Brings L Face to Face with Rhino's, Lions and Zebras. Oh My!
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Destination Adventure: The Emerald Isle of Sri Lanka

L Finds the Emerald Isle of Sri Lanka is Truly Something to Behold
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Destination Adventure: Patagonia, Argentina

L Takes a Journey to One of the Most Spectacular Places on Earth.
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